• Teucrium Hircanicum 'Purple Tails'

  • Calanthe 20-2

  • Calanthe No12

  • Cryptotaenia Japonica Atropurpurea

  • Epimedium Franchetii 'Brimstone Butterfly' AGM

  • Geranium Maderense

  • Geranium Pyrenaicum

  • Hydrangea Hobella

  • Lychnis Flos-Cuculi Nana

  • Persicaria Amplexicaulis 'Taurus'

  • Phlox Subulata G. F. Wilson

  • Sanguisorba 'Blackthorne'

  • Teucrium Hircanicum 'Purple Tails'

My website has many very rare & unusual plants, many of these I have imported myself over the last 12  years for my own garden & only have small quantities of some plants, sometimes as little as 6 available.   I also have listed some that are not rare but are good worth while garden plants.

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