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2nd May 2015

Baz & I are so very lucky to have Tricia Oktober as a close friend.  Tricia is a well known Botanical Artist & she also is the Author of some amazing childrens books with fantastic colour pictures & stories created by her that help teach young children about nature, animals & many other subjects.  

Tricia lives locally & we commisioned her to paint some of the bare posts on our wisteria arbour.  I have taken photo's all along the way.  These below are of the first post of 2 that mirror the white wisteria, along with various insects, a bird all cosy in its nest, a frog or two, even some ants.  I will add more as they are completed.  

Also you can see the first of the two Elves which are on separate posts, since these photos were taken more has been done & I have to catch up with my camera, the Elve post has more additions which I will add shortly. 

Pic 1.  The beginning of the first post.  The post height is about 2.5m.


Pic. 2  The leaves are taking shape


Pic. 3  The Frog


3a.  Finished frog


Pic. 4 And that cosy bird



Pic. 5  The Wisteria flowers taking shape...very nice.


Pic. 6 Tricia in action


Pic. 7  That wonderfull Bumble Bee being created


Pic. 8  Bee Born :-)


Pic.9  Lady Bird fly away home......


Pic. 10.  That frog thinks those ants look tasty


Pic. 11  The first Elf....he has changed a bit....new photo's to come....


 Pic 12.  The finished Elf with smiling eyes, complete with spotty mushrooms...Love him


Pic. 13  Spotty Mushrooms


The 2nd Elf in the creating stage


.....& Finished..he is stealing the Snopwdrops


The Snowdrops


The Second post will be completed soon with more white wisteria & some different animals & insects.  I will add the pics below as they happen.

Well the month of June has had some good & bad 'Garden Moments'.  Firstly the good moment was we had a 20m brush fence hand built & we got Alan the man who built it to make one chicken & one cockrel bird out of the brush & provided him with the wire frames.  He was not too overly keen at first as he had never done anything else with the brush other than build fences but we managed to convince him that it was ok as long as it looked like some kind of a bird when he finished. Well the pic's are below of both the fence in the making & complete with birds...sort of :-).  I dont think they look too bad, the wire on them will go dull over time but I think I will paint it the same colour as the brush as I dont like waiting for the dulling to happen.   I just hope the real live birds dont decide to pull them apart in spring to make nests with the sticks.





Now for the bad moment :-( .  We sadly had to have a 100 year old monster sized (about 90 foot High) Macrocarpa tree taken down from the top right hand corner of our garden.  We noticed some rot in it so we got the Council tree inspector to come & have a look & he decided that yes it was dangerous & would eventually come down & wipe out our house, pond & anything else in the way....which was a lot of nice plants, trees & stone walls & maybe us if we were in the way.  The tree was in a very difficult place as the street power lines were next to it & the tree was also over the top of them up high & of course all of our garden plants nearby had to be considered by the tree removal people & there big feet all over the place.   Well $10,000.00 (Yes you read it right Ten Thousand Dollars) later & with a pile of mulch the size of Mount Everest the tree has gone & we now have a big horrible gap to fill & an awful mess to clean up.  When the Arbourist was up the tree he also found a 3 meter long old split that you could poke a stick through, so we are very lucky it had not come down in some of the winds we have had in the past. Photos of before & during below. In the first one you can see the multi trunked tree.....thats the one.




To finish on a happier note the photo below is of Galanthus 'Merry Garth' which has come up again in our garden this year.  It was from Libby Raines at Merry Garth.

Galanthus Merry Garth

Well it's that time of year that for me is busy with dividing dormant plants to pot up for sale on the website. We will have a few exciting new things to surprise you with.

I have managed by sheer miracle after trying for so many years with no luck to germinate Ranzania japonica. I have put a photo below of the very plant that the seed was taken from .... it will be a few years before I have enough to share but I am so pleased as it's a wonderful addition for the woodland garden & I dont think its available anywhere in Australia. If I manage not to kill it between now & next spring it will be another addition to my website in the future. I imported it as a plant so many times & it always died in quarantine as the Methyl Bromide that is used to fumigate most plants for bugs on entry is enough to kill anything, it's surprising it is still being used in Australia as it can’t be any good for the environment.

 Ranzania japonica

I have divided & replanted some of the Cypripediums so that by next April I will have a few more to share with the Orchid Lovers who are always asking me for them. The problem is I like them too much to part with many as they look so beautiful in the woodland garden in spring. Below is a photo of Cypripedium Kristi-Lyn in flower last spring & also a photo I took when dividing it today with the underground shoots that will morph into flowers in October/November.


Cyp buds

There is much work to do in the garden, aside from the endless weeds this year that keep me busy which I swear come up overnight.   I also have to face the fact that I have painted the Lych Gate that Baz built for me the wrong colour & own up to the second fact that I have been avoiding going near it so I didn’t have to think about re-painting it for the 5TH TIME……..Yup you read it right I have painted it 5 times now, I am not very good with colours & I wanted it to stand out on its own & it certainly did that, to just walk past it a good set of sunglasses were required..but now I think it's OK.

Well this is my first ‘Garden Gossip’ news, I will try to update it each month.  I hope it is interesting for you this far.


Happy Gardening

Lynn & Baz

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